One major advantage of waxing is that it provides better and longer-lasting results than shaving. But once you’ve bidden your razor a not-so-fond farewell, you need to do some prep work before you can officially say hello to waxing – and make it a positive experience.

Several pre-waxing steps involve a little additional planning to ward off any unnecessary discomfort to your skin especially for ladies. For example, try to avoid scheduling your wax in the two to three days before or after your period. Skin is more sensitive during this time. It also helps to take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen about an hour before waxing.

Exfoliating your skin a few days before waxing can also make hair removal easier, and getting rid of dead skin cells makes ingrown hairs less likely, too. Additionally, some use an antiseptic or antibacterial soap prior to and after waxing their legs. This is because waxing leaves your hair follicles open, and that makes it easier for bacteria to get in there and cause an infection. 

Standard Waxing

Half leg 20 mins £15.00
Full leg 30 mins  £20.00
Basic bikini  30 mins  £10.00
Arm 30 mins £10.00
Underarm 30 mins £10.00
Upper lip and chin 30 mins £ 10.00

Advanced Waxing

Brazillian (strip remains) 30 mins £18.00
Hollywood (all hair removed) 30 mins £20.00
Nasal 10 mins £ 5.00


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