Estime & Sens

Estime & Sens is a Luxury Skincare Brand and their organic skincare products are amazing. Organic beauty on a daily basis goes with the combination of several key steps, from skin cleansing to using a protect cream with a targeted action.

Estime & Sens offers a wide and full range of products for facial care. Made to address the needs of the most demanding skins, with a choice of products composed of natural and organic ingredients, selected for their efficiency.For skin exfoliation, face masking, eye contouring or as a cosmetic serum, the whole range of their products for facial care can be used with full respect for your skin without ever having to favour organic qualities over refinement or efficiency.

I feel so lucky to be able to use these products in the treatments I offer and I am also able to sell the directly to you either. You can use the link below to place your order, alternatively I have a range of their products available to purchase in my skincare clinic.

View and buy your products using this link or scan the QR code below.